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A key part of WeARE’s mission is to create and maintain collaborative partnerships in our community to help foster and advance reproductive health services and education. WeARE seeks to engage supporters in the most current evidence-based research, create awareness of best practices in reproductive health care and education, and encouragement to take action with community and government officials to make positive changes in our community.

Crow Wing County Statistics

Statistics are from the MN Dept of Health, the Census Bureau, and UofM Healthy Young Development Prevention Research Center.

The teen pregnancy rate for 18-19 year olds in Crow Wing County is 12th out of 87 counties at 33/1000 females. This compares to the MN state average of 19/1000 females.

Crow Wing County is ranked 9th of 87 counties for the chlamydia rate of 15-19 year olds.

Positive chlamydia rates in our clinic average about 11% and have been as high as 24%.

The MN Family Investment Program (MFIP) provides food and cash assistance to families living in poverty. Adolescent births account for 41% of MFIP dollars spent in Crow Wing County

Crow Wing County residents are more likely to live in poverty, more likely to be uninsured and have access to fewer reproductive health services than those in most of Minnesota.

In Crow Wing County more than 29% of adults live at or below 200% of the federal poverty level. (~$25,000/year)

WeARE is the only healthcare facility in the area to enroll clients in the free and confidential MN Family Planning Program (MFPP). Income eligible clients have access to free contraception,
STI testing and treatment and reproductive healthcare services. Currently, 35% of our clients are enrolled in MFPP.

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