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There’s never been a more important time to support the reproductive rights for youth, young adults, and underserved in the Brainerd Lakes Area.  Please consider donating to WeARE The Clinic and WeARE education outreach to help ensure all people, especially those in rural communities, have the high quality of services they deserve. You can make a difference!


Your generosity provides youth, young adults, and the underserved an opportunity to build their capacity to advocate for themselves. We invite you to partner with WeARE by becoming a sustaining member to ensure access to safe and confidential reproductive healthcare.

WeARE is a 501C-3.  EIN # 81-3828875

Download donation form and mail to us

Become a Sustaining Supporter!

Make a big impact for as little as $10/month!

$10/month provides:

  • One-year of oral contraception for one patient

  • Two education sessions for at risk teens 

  • One annual exam for one patient


$20/month provides:

  • One IUD (7-years of the most effective birth control)

  • STI Testing for the four most common STIs for one patient

  • Four education sessions at The Shop in Brainerd

  • One-year of Depo contraceptive injections for one patient


$50/month provides:

  • One implant (up to 5-years of the most effective birth control)

  • A full year of sexual health education for ECFE, LSS and other community partners


Click on the event or project you'd like to donate to. Thank you for your support!

Charitable Giving Options

Tax law changes in the last 3 years have challenged funding for charities and non-profit
organizations by limiting the charitable deduction for many taxpayers. So how can you
donate to WeAre and still benefit from the tax savings?

Donor Advised Fund 
DAFs are very popular for couples or individuals. It is a smart, simple, flexible and
convenient way to give. A DAF can be funded in a variety of ways including cash, stock, or other assets such as real estate. You can also give to a DAF over time. These gifts are tax-deductible at the time of the contribution and are also invested to grow tax free over time while you recommend grants from the fund to your favorite charities (like WeAre). If your
assets have appreciated over time, the tax benefit can be even higher. They work very
well in a long term legacy strategy for couples. The fund is held by public charities
such as a community foundation, the women’s foundation or an investment firm with a
sponsoring foundation.

IRA Qualified Charitable Distribution
Another strategy is a Qualified Charitable Distribution from your IRA directly to the
charity. QCDS can start as early as age 70.5 and/or you can transfer your Required
Minimum Distribution (generally at age 72). In this case your donation will not be limited
as it may be if you receive your Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) and
then donated a similar amount to charity.

Estate Planning or Will
Finally, a bequest in your will or estate planning would benefit the organization for the
long term and would match up well with the concept of a Legacy Fund at WeAre.

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